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Norwegian sailing links (5 Mar 2017 - #468209)

Clear your DNS cache (5 Mar 2017 - #468205)
Are you experiencing a website with a dynamic IP address not loading? First thing to try is clearing your DNS cache:

OUCS VPN (5 Mar 2017 - #468205)
Install: Connect: Disconnect: Advanced settings: The Cisco AnyConnect VPN client requires an SSL tunnel (TCP port 443) and optionally a DTLS tunnel (UDP port 443). VPN clients contact the VPN servers in the netblock VPN clients will be given an IP address from the private IP ranges of or  These private addresses … Continue reading OUCS VPN

Turn your tablet into and additional linux screen with touch and stylus input (5 Mar 2017 - #467150)
Normally one would buy a Wacom tablet / stylus combo. But then, Weylus provides a very good free alternative:

No sftp connection to Ubuntu 22.04 (5 Mar 2017 - #467149)
After upgrading to Jammy Jellyfish I could no longer connect from my phone using AndFTP (sftp).

Install non-snap version of Google chrome (5 Mar 2017 - #465712)
Ubuntu is providing more and more software, including chrome, as snap packages. As a result I may actually end up moving away from ubuntu / xubuntu after many years as a happy user, but that is an other story. For the time being, here is an alternative way to install the non-snap deb package:

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