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Install non-snap version of Google chrome (5 Mar 2017 - #465712)
Ubuntu is providing more and more software, including chrome, as snap packages. As a result I may actually end up moving away from ubuntu / xubuntu after many years as a happy user, but that is an other story. For the time being, here is an alternative way to install the non-snap deb package:

Disable snap and switch from snap to deb packages for Firefox in Ubuntu 22.04 (5 Mar 2017 - #465712)
Disable snapd Remove Firefox (and other) snap packages: Stop snapd service: Remove snap related packages and directories: Install non-snap version of Firefox Disable snap version

Extract open tab links from Android Chrome (5 Mar 2017 - #465711)
There are a few possibilities using various browser extensions or Chrome remote debugging in Developer Tools. See information at the bottom for these. The quickest and easiest solution, however, is based on using adb:

Change X11 window title (5 Mar 2017 - #459661)
A typical use case is when an editor is setting its window title to the full long path name such that the actual important part, the file name, falls off the edge on the right and becomes invisible. Unfortunately the X11 window title is normally set internally by the application and its format is hard … Continue reading Change X11 window title

VirtualBox: install extension packs (4 Mar 2017 - #455271)
Download and install extension packs to provide: The virtual USB 2.0 (EHCI) devicesThe virtual USB 3.0 (xHCI) deviceVirtualBox Remote Desktop Protocol (VRDP) supportHost webcam passthroughIntel PXE boot ROMDisk image encryption with AES algorithmCloud integration features

Repartition a new USB drive (4 Mar 2017 - #449870)
I want to use my new USB drive exclusively with Linux, so I decided to wipe the factory default partitions and create a new ext4 filesystem on the drive. The drive uses 4096 byte physical sectors and we have to make sure that the new partition is correctly aligned. For some background information on partition … Continue reading Repartition a new USB drive

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