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Zoom function in Calibre e-reader (5 Mar 2017 - #469241)
There does not seem to be one. Control + mouse scroll will adjust the font size, but not the overall scale of the display. This is especially annoying when at the default zoom level some of the text falls outside the the e-reader window: Cumbersome, but at least the text will become readable: CSS to … Continue reading Zoom function in Calibre e-reader

Unpack, modify and repack an epub file (5 Mar 2017 - #469209)
Although epub format e-books are simple ZIP archives, care has to be taken in how unzip and zip are used to manipulate them. Without using the -O option when unpacking UTF-8 file names are likely to get corrupted. For the repack, use of -X is required and the directory order in the archive has to … Continue reading Unpack, modify and repack an epub file

Warning: failed to launch javaldx – java may not function correctly (5 Mar 2017 - #469076)
When starting a LibreOffice component, e.g. lowriter or localc, it may complain with the above warning about not being able to start javaldx.

Check server temperature using HP iLO (5 Mar 2017 - #468592)

HP iLO ssh access (5 Mar 2017 - #468591)
Even the most recent version of iLO is trying to use cypher algorithms that have been deprecated in OpenSSH: … and the winner is:

Make your own QR codes (5 Mar 2017 - #468573)
Install the tools: Create the source: Generate the corresponding QR codes: Useful links:

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