Leaving UK

This is my first blog post. I am about to leave the UK. It is late at night and my friends would not be surprised that I am up late worrying about what to pack! I am still downloading files, and just now realising that my baggage limit is 23kg. I just threw out half the stuff I was planning on taking. I’m down to some socks and tee-shirts. 8kg hand luggage is already filled with my own personal laptop and a work laptop. The harddrive on my laptop died, which means all the carefully downloaded projects, files, movies etc are lost. But I do still have all the USB sticks. I’ve been touched by the things people have sent me, and I am looking forward to the great surprises that I will have when I open up the files, and see what’s been sent. This is a short post as I am closing down Facebook etc. I will also send email for more personal messages.

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