Humax HDR-FOX-T2 dropbear ssh / sftp password change

On the Hummy, dropbear passwords are kept in /mod/etc/dropbear/shadow. To change the password, this file will have to be edited directly.

Assuming you are running a custom firmware and have installed the file editor package ‘nano’ from the web interface, do the following:

On a linux box generate the new password:

echo 'example_pasword' | makepasswd --crypt --clearfrom=-
example_pasword   oQfckhu/L3XBU

where ‘oQfckhu/L3XBU’ is going to be your new password hash. Of course, you will want to change ‘example_pasword’ to something else.

Connect to your hummy box using telnet and then

cp /mod/etc/dropbear/shadow /mod/etc/dropbear/shadow.ori
nano /mod/etc/dropbear/shadow

and change the line below (or whatever is in your original password file)




where the new hashed password between the first two colons is copied from the output of makepasswd.

If makepasswd is not available on your linux machine, it can be installed by

sudo apt-get install makepasswd

Once finished, you can easily move files between two hummy boxes, for example:

On your linux box type

ssh root@pvr1

and after having logged in to pvr1

cd /mnt/hd2/My\ Video
rsync -av --progress "root@pvr2:/mnt/hd2/My\ Video/The\ Tree\ of\ Life_20141223_0256.*" ./

Note that you both have to quote the path string and escape the spaces in it.

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