Make your own QR codes

Install the tools:

sudo apt install qrencode zbar-tools

Create the source:

nano text_for_QR_code.txt
MECARD:N:Dr AN Other;TEL:+441234123456;EMAIL:AN Other <>;NOTE:Director;ADR:123 Other Street, London, A1N 2OT, United Kingdom;URL:;

Generate the corresponding QR codes:

qrencode -t PNG -r text_for_QR_code.txt -l H -o QR.png
convert QR_2023.png QR_2023.jpg
qrencode -t ASCII -r text_for_QR_code.txt -l H -o QR_2023.txt
cat QR_2023.txt | sed 's/#/█/g' > QR_2023_utf8.txt

Useful links:

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