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Change X11 window title

A typical use case is when an editor is setting its window title to the full long path name such that the actual important part, the file name, falls off the edge on the right and becomes invisible. Unfortunately the X11 window title is normally set internally by the application and its format is hard coded. A solution is to monitor the editor window title and modify it if its becomes too long.

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Touchscreen calibration

I found that I use my laptop’s touch screen more frequently – it is particularly useful for image editing. However, when I work in my (home) office I also use a multi-screen set-up with three monitors. The problem is that the touch region of the laptop screen automatically gets scaled to the overall size of my screen, which spans multiple monitors.

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Send message to user logged in to an X11 session at a remote host

There are occasions when you want to contact a user working at a remote computer, but his/her phone is switched off. If the remote user is running an X11 session, and you have ssh access to the remote computer, and you have root privileges on the remote computer, here is a solution.

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